Dominic Lim

writer. singer. storyteller.


I am a gay, Filipino writer. I create stories about LGBTQ+BIPOC characters.

The voices of queer people of color still struggle to be heard.

I want to be part of the effort to change that—to bring more attention to our narratives, and to inspire others to do the same.

By Dominic Lim

Special Guest Appearance By (the Great) Emmett Aoki

A Novel

My debut novel–about a Filipino composer/pianist and his relationship with a closeted Hollywood actor–is coming soon!

The main character, Quito Cruz, composes a song his freshman year in high school when he realizes he is gay. As I was writing Quito’s story, I knew that in order to be fully immersed in his world I had to have solid idea of not only what the song’s lyrics were, but also what the music sounded like. So I collaborated with the incredible composer, Martin McGinn, to actually bring it into existence.

As a special preview of Special Guest By (the Great) Emmett Aoki, please enjoy the lyric video of “A Part I Play,” with music and lyrics by Quito Cruz (IRL: music & keyboard by Martin McGinn and lyrics & vocals by yours truly)!



Publication in Whoa Nelly

Tinago Triptych

Whoa Nelly Press:
(Un)heard Voices

“I run out of the car, breaking across hot Virginia asphalt back into our house, my small eight-year-old feet barely touching the ground. I am flying because I believe now that a man can fly…”

Publication in Down in the Dirt

Birdcage Man

Down in the Dirt

My father was going on and on about some birdcage. His fingers waved about wildly like errant swallows…”

A Small Seed

The Jellyfish Review

She noticed his laugh first. Full-throated, like a walrus. Like a roar…”

Publication in Ghost Parachute

The Shed

Ghost Parachute 

“George hunches over his workbench piled high with rust-spotted tools. He takes a faded handkerchief from his pocket and rubs his heavy-lidded eyes, tries to wipe away the familiar images he has just seen on television: gunship helicopters, villages on fire, children hiding in rice fields…”

Publication in Solstice

Theme and Variations

Solstice Literary Magazine

(2018 Fiction Finalist) 

“You’re told what to do from the very beginning. You might enjoy the brief illusion that you’re free to do as you wish, that you have some sort of artistic license, but the command is there in black and white. You have to be steady, consistent. Exact…”


Literary Speakeasy Returns to In-Person Events!

July 29, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

Martuni’s, 4 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA



Gina Panettieri, Talcott Notch Literary

Dominic Lim is a 2020 Writers Grotto Fellow.

His story, “Theme and Variations” was a finalist in the 2018 Solstice Literary Magazine Fiction Contest (adjudicated by New York Times best-selling authorAnn Hood) and his work has appeared in Solstice, Ghost Parachute, Jellyfish Review, Down in the Dirt, Whoah Nelly Press–(Un)heard Voices, and Ursa Minor.

Dominic is a co-host of the long-running Babylon Salon reading and performance series in San Francisco and is on the advisory board of Rooted & Written 2020, a literary conference by and for writers of color. He is currently working on his first novel, Special Guest Appearance by (the Great) Emmett Aoki.

Dominic holds a Master of Music from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music where he trained as a countertenor in the Early Music Institute. He has had leading roles in various operas in New York and Indiana, and has performed with professional music ensembles in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Boston. He has been a cantor for numerous Catholic churches, as well as the section leader (bass, tenor, and alto) of various choirs in New York, Oakland, and San Francisco, including the San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir, for which he also served on the board of directors.

Dominic is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. Favorite stage and TV credits include Miss Saigon, Mame, the Off-Broadway production of The Karaoke Show directed by Tony Award winner, Diane Paulus, and a role on All My Children.

As Intellectual Property Manager, Dominic oversees the patents, trademarks, and domain names at Amyris, Inc., a biotech leader in the research, development, and production of pure, sustainable ingredients for the health, beauty, and flavors & fragrances markets.

He lives in Oakland with his loving and supportive partner, Peter, and their whiny cat, Phoebe.



Regarding "Theme and Variations": "The writer uses shifts in chronology to weave an important, compelling story. The metaphor and details of music give the story a deep resonance that adds to its poignancy and show the skill of a very good writer."

Ann Hood, New York Times best-selling author


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